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The Wax flower meaning comes from its captivating allure and delicate petals.

Wax flower also called Geraldton Wax comes from the Chamelaucium genus. It originates from Australia.

In this blog lets explore this stunning flower. We will discover the origins of the flower, the meaning of its various colours, its symbolism in the victorian flower language and so much more.

Lets get right into it.

What does the wax flower symbolise?

The wax flower symbolises beauty, purity, happiness in marriage and enduring love. Those meanings come from its appearance and fragrance. The flower embodies the essence of femininity and elegance. It is a popular choice in bridal bouquets. Moreover, it is a symbol of endurance and survival due to its ability to survive in face of adversity.

Wax flower meaning

What does the wax flower mean in love?

In love the wax flower is a symbol of endurance and affection. This meaning comes from its ability to thrive for long periods of time. The blooms have come to symbolise the intricacies of relationships and the nature of emotions.

What does the white wax flower symbolise?

The white wax flower means purity, innocence and spiritual love. It is often a popular choice in bride bouquets for this reason. Moreover, the fragrance of the flower contributes to its symbolism of gentleness and elegance.

During Victorian times, wax flowers conveyed various emotions. Therefore, the white wax flowers have come to embody messages of admiration, reverence and sincere love.

What does wax flower smell like?

The wax flower has a sweet and slightly spicy fragrance. The fragrance evokes a smell of floral with a mix of herbal notes and a touch of warmth due to its spiciness.

The scent is delicate and charming but it is not overpowering.

Wax flowers colours meaning

  • White wax flowers symbolise purity and innocence, they make a popular choice for weddings and other ceremonies that involve new beginnings.

  • Pink wax flowers symbolise feelings of admiration and appreciation.

  • Purple wax flowers symbolise royalty, enchantment and elegance.

  • Red/Burgundy wax flowers symbolise passion and deep emotions.

Close up of wax flowers

Are wax flowers edible?

The wax flowers are used in different types of cooking. They have a mild taste of citrus and this can make it a perfect garnish for salads, drinks, desserts and cakes.

Moreover, the leaves can be used as flavouring agent. Their taste are similar to lemon myrtle or rosemary. They can be used as oil infusion, sauces or to make herbal teas.

What are wax flowers called in French?

Wax flowers are “Fleurs de cire” in French. This is in reference to their waxy texture and delicate petals.

Wax flower in Victorian language of flowers

In the Victorian language of flowers, the wax flower meaning relates feelings of wealth and riches, resilience, and lasting success in love.

Those meanings come from its long-lasting quality and its appearance. They were used in floral arrangements, decorations and bouquets.

Wax flower mythology

Wax flowers or Chamelaucium gets its name from the greeks. Chamai in greek meaning “on the ground” while laukos means “white”.

In Aboriginal mythology, the wax flower came from the tears of a young woman. She was separated from her lover due to a tribal war. When she cried her tears covered the land and turned into flowers.

Moreover, in Chinese folklore, the wax flowers are a symbol of immortality and longevity. They are used to honour ancestors and various deities during ceremonies.

In Europe, the wax flower is a lucky charm. It brings prosperity and happiness. They are used as decorations and gifts in various ceremonies.

Are Wax flower and Hoya the same?

The wax flower and Hoya are different plants. Wax flowers often refer to the plants that of the Chamalaucium genus. Those plants are native to Australia.

Hoya refers to a plant of the Hoya genus. They are native to Asia, Australia and Pacific Islands.

Both of the plants have waxy and fragrant flowers. They are both called wax flower due to their appearance.

A vase of white wax flowers

Wax flower tattoo meaning

A wax flower tattoo could symbolise fragility and vulnerability due to its delicate appearance.

Moreover, its waxy texture would give it the meaning of resilience and endurance. The choice of colour would give further depth of symbolism to the tattoo.

Wax flower uses

The wax flower can have various uses, lets explore some:

  • Floral Arrangements: The most popular use of the wax flower is for floral arrangements. They are a perfect choice due to their longevity and ability to retain their shape and colour.

  • Perfume and Fragrance: The fragrance of this delicate flower makes them a perfect scent to add in pot-pourri blends or other scented crafts.

  • Culinary: The flower is often used as garnishes. Its leaves are used as infusion.

  • Gardening: Wax flowers are an excellent pollinator and also adds a touch of elegance on garden landscapes.

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