Who is Flora Ritualis?

Deena Bsingh

Deena Bsingh

My name is Deena, a passionate spiritual enthusiast. Through my website, I explore the deep meaning behind flowers, embarking on a journey of self-discovery through flowers. As an avid reader and mythology enthusiast, I find ancient tales captivating, offering valuable insights into life. Beyond spirituality, I embrace baking as a creative outlet, experimenting with diverse recipes. Daydreaming fuels my imagination, as I believe in the endless exploration of our inner and outer worlds. Join me on this path of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

The idea behind Flora Ritualis

Flora Ritualis was born out of curiosity for flower symbolism and a deep love for mythology.

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We get into the depth of why some flowers carry certain meanings and how this might apply to you or your circumstances. We use myth, folklore and alchemy to help you delineate.

Flora Ritualis offers in depth information to anyone seeking flower symbolism and flower meaning. And also happens to love mythology.

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Perhaps you’re someone who places a lot of thought into gifting. At Flora Ritualis we try to provide the most in depth information so that you can gift without worrying if it is fitting.

Or maybe certain flowers appeal to you on a deeper level and you’re wondering why? We attempt to help you discover those answers.

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