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Geranium flower meaning is linked to the crane bird. It is also called cranesbill sometimes.

Both China and Turkey have a huge variety of geranium and it is sometimes thought that they might be originally from those countries.

In this blog we will find out why the geranium flower makes the perfect flower for both the Aries and Scorpio zodiac.

We will also get into the different geranium flower meaning and the colours. And finally we’ll have a look into the geranium flower during Victorian times.

What does a geranium symbolise?

The Geranium symbolises various things and usually have a double meaning. On one hand it symbolises friendship, health and joy. While on the other hand it symbolises deceit and stupidity. The possible powers of the flower are healing and spirituality.

Aries and Scorpio Birth Flower

The geranium flower is under the dominion of the planet mars. This makes it a birth flower to both the Aries zodiac sign and the Scorpio zodiac sign.

In ancient astrology the planet mars was both the ruler of Aries and Scorpio. In modern astrology the planet mars is only the ruler of Aries. While Pluto is the new ruler of the Scorpio zodiac.

The sign of Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and thus it represents the rebirth of a new cycle.

The sign of Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house in astrology and one of the associations of this house is linked to death and regeneration.

Geranium flower meaning in mythology

The geranium flower meaning comes from the word geranos or crane in Greek. When the flowers dropped and the fruits were visible the shape resembled the beak of a bird called geranos.

In classical Greece the geranos or crane-dance associates itself with the concept of death. The myths themselves center around the symbolism of the crane bird.

Crane meaning in Greek mythology

In Greek epics after the King Theseus had killed the Minotaur he escaped with Ariadne. Later he would abandon her and set sail to the sacred island of Delos.

There he made a sacrifice to the god Apollo and he also celebrated his escape from Crete with Athenian youths and maiden in a dance. This dance was known as the Crane Dance or Geranos.

The name of the dance is said to imitate the graceful movements of the crane bird. The dance itself was also an initiation into the labyrinth and this was by itself an imagery for the path to the kingdom of death.

Hence the symbolism of death and the metaphor of the crane bird makes it the perfect flower for the Scorpio zodiac sign. It can also be applicable to the Aries zodiac sign as the ruler of the 1st house which ushers a new cycle.

Crane symbolism in Celtic myth

In early Irish literature Midir was the son of the Dagda. The cranes were associated with the military. If anyone going into battle saw the three sinister cranes of the god Midir on their way then it would be an evil omen.

The cranes used to discourage all traveler from stopping at Midir’s dwelling. This was also enough for warriors whose intent was to rob and fight to lose their courage and will to fight.

In Irish tradition and Scottish folklore it was taboo to eat the flesh of the crane bird. It was believed that by eating the flesh it would cause instant death.

Crane bird

Geranium flower colour meaning

We can also discover the geranium flower meaning through its various colours and also its pairing with other flowers and plants.

The Red coloured geranium flower is symbolical of comfort.

The scarlet geranium represents seeking some kind of consolation due to melancholy.

The Pink coloured geranium represent an affection that is currently growing.

The pairing of geranium with ivy leaves means friendship.

The climbing variety of geranium symbolises solidity and stability.

Oak-leaf geranium is an emblem of true friendship which is perhaps related to the strength and duration of the oak tree itself.

Geranium flower meaning during Victorian times

The scarlet geranium flower meaning acquired its emblem from Madame de Staël a French author and intellectual of the 18th century.

It was through her interaction with a handsome Swiss Army Officer in a scarlet uniform.

She spent around an hour with him however, he did not say a word. Therefore, she asked him some questions which he wouldn’t be able to refuse answering.

However, his replies were terribly lacking in intelligence and this annoyed her.

She then turned to the friend who introduced them and compared the Swiss army man to the scarlet geranium saying:

“it pleases the eye, but when we press it lightly it emits a disagreeable odour.”

The Victorians on the other hand really liked the scarlet geranium because of its bright colour.

This variety and couple others were introduced from South Africa and it was grown anywhere and everywhere.

Different types of Geranium and their meaning and uses

There are different types of Geranium flower meaning and they are distinguished by their different varieties but also by how they were used.

Let’s explore some of the varieties of the Geranium flowers.

Geranium Molle or Dove’s foot cranesbill

Geranium Molle was used as a powdered herb and root to treat hernia. It was also used as a way to treat wounds. This is also something that the Maori culture used to treat wounds. They would make a lotion from the Geranium Molle then soak it in hot water. It would then be applied to open wounds or rubbed as an ointment depending on the severity of the wound.

Geranium Robertianum or Herb Robert

The Geranium Robertianum is a flower that has become a riddle, Who was Robert exactly? And there have been various speculations concerning this.

Geranium Robertianum is said to be dedication to St Robert whose feast was on the 29th of April. While other versions states that it was perhaps Robin or Robin Hood.

The seed vessels of the Geranium Robertianum was also called Pook Needles and in Germany it was used to treat a disease called Ruprechtsplage.

This disease was said to be named after the Duke of Normandy whose name was Robert.

Robert of Molesme was a Christian saint around 11th century and the Herb Robert is said to derive from his name.

Finally, it is proposed that the named might have originated from the Latin word ruber or red therefore a herb of a red colour.

Geraniums are under the dominion of the planet mars however, the Herb of Robert variety is under the dominion of Venus.

Geranium flower meaning

Herb Robert beliefs

This variety of geranium was considered unlucky. In Cumbria there was a belief associated with death and Herb Robert. If this flower were picked by children then it would result in the death of one of their parents.

In Wales this plant was used as a remedy for gout. While in Ireland it was a remedy against diabetes. You would take a handful of the herb and mix it to a pint of water then drink it night and morning.

Geranium Pratense or Meadow Cranesbill

This variety of Geranium was also used to treat would well into the 19th century. It would be applied to cuts. In the Highlands of Scotland it was used to stop bleeding once a tooth was pulled out.

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