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The Cyclamen flower meaning derives from the Greek word Kyklos, which translates to circle. This is in reference to the particular motion of its stalk.

Cyclamen is the common name of this plant however, in the past it was also referred to as Sowbread. This plant is native to the Mediterranean region all the way into the Middle East.

The Cyclamen has various folklore and symbolism linked to it. In this blog we will explore the different meaning of this plant through its various uses.

Then we will delve into the various varieties of this plant.

What does the Cyclamen flower symbolises?

The Cyclamen flower symbolises goodbye, resignation fertility and diffidence. The possible powers of the flower are happiness, lust and protection. While some alchemist place the Cyclamen under the dominion of the planet Mars, others believe that it is under the dominion of Venus. However, they both agree that the ruling deity of the cyclamen is the goddess Hecate.

Under the dominion of Mars the cyclamen would make the perfect Aries and Scorpio birth flower. While under the dominion of Venus it would make a perfect birth flower for Taurus and Libra zodiacs. Lets discover why the Cyclamen plant’s ruling deity is the goddess Hecate and also its link to Venus.

Cyclamen Flower Meaning through its various uses

The Goddess Hecate

There is an ancient belief that states wherever Cyclamen is planted the place becomes immune to evil spells and noxious potions. It was also grown in the house as a means of protection against poison.

Cyclamen was also believed to heal any sorts of bites and was referred to as an “amulet.”

According to some sources it was for those very that this plant was sacred to the goddess Hecate. She was a goddess that was connected to the afterlife and also presided over magical rituals and spells.

Later during the medieval period, the cyclamen flower meaning and association to Hecate was changed and the cyclamen became a “devilish” plant.

cyclamen flower

Venus and the Cyclamen Plant

According to the Greek philosopher Theophrastus, the Cyclamen flower meaning is also related to the planet Venus or the goddess Aphrodite. It’s a birth flower to the zodiacs Libra and Taurus.

It enjoy a reputation of being an aphrodisiac and favoured conception. This was due to the shape of the Cyclamen which is reminiscent of the female uterus.

When the cyclamen is placed in a bedroom, this is said that this plants protects the inmates.

It has also been reported that the cyclamen is a very good amourous medicine to make one in love.

Virgin Mary

During later times the plant became associated to the Virgin Mary. The little red spots that sometimes form inside the flower symbolise her grief for her son, who died on the cross.

When to gift with the cyclamen flower meaning

For a long time those flowers were a favourite for mother’s day. However, nowadays the cyclamen flower meaning is more sorrowful.

When you offer a bouquet of cyclamen to someone, it means that due to stagnation it be preferable to move in separate ways.

Another meaning associated with sending a bouquet of cyclamen is the person sending the flowers lack in self confidence.

Cyclamen is one of the official flowers that represent Thursday and it would make a great gift for those born on Thursdays.

San Marino is not only one of the world’s smallest country but it is also the world’s oldest surviving republic. The national flower of San Marino is the Cyclamen.

cyclamen flower meaning

Different types of Cyclamen

Cyclamen Hederifolium

This hardy cyclamen grows in average dry to medium soil. They flower from mid to late autumn.

The plants grow around 4 to 6 inches tall and have pink or white tinged with pink flowers with a darker eye and reflexed petals. They produce one flower per stem.

The leaves are usually ivy-shaped and typically gray-green with a silvery and white marbling.

Coum Cyclamen

This type of cyclamen is quite hardy and can withstand very cold temperatures. They flower during late winter to early spring.

They can grow up to 3 to 6 inches tall. The leaves grow during late winter and flower and the flowers bloom in late winter to early spring.

Cyclamen Persicum

This type grows from fall to late spring and can grow up to 2 inch tall. The petals are twisted and reflexed. The colour of the petals vary between white, pink, deep carmine, darker pink, magenta or purple mouth.

The leaves are heart-shape and dark-green with patterns of green, gray or silver. They plant usually goes dormant for the entirety of summer.

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