Holly Symbolism: Lets find out myths, history and uses

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We’ve all seen the holly plant in the grocery store around Christmas time. Although few people know much about the holly symbolism and history. The Holly symbolism begins with its pagan roots that stretch back to Celtic mythology. However, it wasn’t used for Christmas at that time. In order to understand how this plant came … Read more

Poinsettia Meaning, Symbolism and Legends

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The Poinsettia meaning relates to Christmas in modern times. This flower has nearly synonymous meaning to the Christmas period. While there are many legends that explain the link between the poinsettia and Christmas, the origins of this flower begins in Mexico. In this blog let’s explore the origins and symbolism of the Poinsettia prior to … Read more

Carnation Flower meaning: Discover everything about this flower

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In this blog we will look into the carnation flower meaning. More specifically, we will explore how this flower relates to Jupiter and why it is one of the Sagittarius flower. We will briefly explore the meaning of the Sagittarius zodiac and also understand what is its link to the planet Jupiter. Then, we will … Read more

The Daisy flower meaning

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The meaning of the daisy flower is found in a lot of various cultures. The name daisy derives from old Anglo-Saxon words “daeges” and “eage”, this translates to “day’s eye” or “eye of the day.” The flower falls under the dominion of the planet Venus and the zodiac sign of the Cancer. It will make … Read more

Sunflower Meaning: the ultimate guide of the golden bloom

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Sunflower meaning and symbolism traces back to various ancient cultures. The plant is native to America. There is evidence of sunflower cultivation dating back to 3,000 BC in the Hopi Indian digs. The sunflower production spread to other tribes moving north and east. From the Mandan Indian tribes in the Dakotas and then into Canada. … Read more

Anemone Flower Meaning : Unlocking its tragic past and symbolism

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Are you looking for the meaning behind the beautiful anemone flower? Look no further! In this in-depth blog, we will delve into the history and symbolism of this delicate flower. The anemone flower signals the arrival of spring in various cultures and traditions. Yet, the meaning of the anemone flower varies. In this blog, we … Read more