Geranium flower meaning using myths

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Geranium flower meaning is linked to the crane bird. It is also called cranesbill sometimes. Both China and Turkey have a huge variety of geranium and it is sometimes thought that they might be originally from those countries. In this blog we will find out why the geranium flower makes the perfect flower for both … Read more

Peony Meaning

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The Peony meaning derives from its link to the sun and this makes it a perfect gift as a Leo birth flower. China is where the flower originates from and was first cultivated. The peony flower features in many poem, folklore and songs of ancient China. Carl Linnaeus named a species of peony the Paeonia … Read more

Forget me not flower meaning

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In this blog we’ll explore the forget me not flower meaning. This small flower evokes various feelings such as remembrance and melancholy. November 10 is the Forget Me not Day in association with the feelings that evokes this flower. On this day people connect with family and friends and remember their lovers. This flower is … Read more