Wax Flower Meaning: Symbol of Happiness and Eternal Love

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The Wax flower meaning comes from its captivating allure and delicate petals. Wax flower also called Geraldton Wax comes from the Chamelaucium genus. It originates from Australia. In this blog lets explore this stunning flower. We will discover the origins of the flower, the meaning of its various colours, its symbolism in the victorian flower … Read more

Amaryllis flower meaning through mythology

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The amaryllis flower meaning comes from its vibrant and captivating bloom. From its Andean folklore as a symbol of abundance to its Greek meaning of rebirth. In this blog we will explore the diverse meaning of the amaryllis, explore its spiritual significance and learn about its history and uses. What is the meaning of the … Read more

Violet Flower Meaning: The Ultimate Guide to this timeless flower

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Violets belong to the violacea family, they are one of the most prised flowers after the rose. Violet flower meaning is deeply rooted in mythology, folklore and history. In this ultimate guide we will cover everything there is to know about the violet flower. We will dive into myths, symbolic meanings, uses, history and more. … Read more

Camellia Flower Meaning : History and Folklore

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The Camellia flower meaning comes to us from the far east. This elegant plant is rich in folklore and history. The genus Camellia around 82 species but the most domesticated species is undoubtedly the Camellia sinensis. In this blog we will explore the symbolism of the different Camellia varieties, the history of the flower, its … Read more

Dogwood Flower Meaning

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The Dogwood flower meaning comes from its myths and folklore. It comes from the family of Cornaceae and it is also called Cornus. Cornus comes from latin Cornus which translates to “horn.” The dogwood has predominantly white flower while only some varieties have pink or red blossoms. In this blog we will explore the meaning … Read more

Clematis flower meaning

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The Clematis flower meaning might come from the east where it originates from. The Clematis genus has around 1000 species but the interest in the plant is quite modern. There have been no known written references to the Clematis flower before mid 16th century. Around the 18th century there were more varieties of Clematis introduced … Read more

Aconite flower meaning (Wolfsbane)

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The Aconite flower meaning comes from its uses and the folklore attached to it. The plant is also commonly known as Monkshood, Wolfsbane or Helmet flower. The plant usually comes up through the snow and they start flowering in early spring. In this blog lets explore the symbolic meaning of the aconite flower. We will … Read more

Snowdrop flower meaning

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The Snowdrop flower meaning has its link in Europe and its folklore. The plant has at least 75 recorded species stretching from Asia Minor to Europe. Origins of the name “Snowdrop” is perhaps lost in time however, the closest we can get is Snödroppe in Swedish or Schneetrofen in German. The scientific name of the … Read more

Crocus flower meaning

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The Crocus flower meaning and symbolism links back to its history, mythology and beliefs surrounding it. The origins of the flower itself is unknown however, it is widely accepted that it might have originated in the area of the ancient Crete or modern day Iran. In this blog we will learn about the crocus flower … Read more

Orchid flower meaning

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The Orchid flower meaning is closely associated with the various myths and history surrounding it. Through the myths we get a better understanding of what metaphors and symbolism this flower is trying to communicate to us. The Orchid flower falls under the dominion of the planet Venus which makes it a perfect flower for both … Read more

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