Delphinium flower and its meaning

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The Delphinium flower meaning comes its myth, history and uses. You can find those flowers in bloom during early or late summer and sometimes during early fall. This flower is often confused with the larkspur flower since they are both similar in appearance. In this blog we will explore both the Delphinium and Larkspur flower. … Read more

Rose flower meaning the ultimate guide

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The Rose flower meaning comes from its rich mythology, folklore and historical uses. In fact roses are the most common and ancient flower across the world. The Rose flower comes from the genus Rosa which is of the Rosaceae family. Rosa in Latin means full of leaves. In this blog lets explore the Rose flower … Read more

Water Lily Flower Meaning with mythologies

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Water Lily flower derives its meaning from its rich mythology. From Egypt to India and Native Americans the plant was deemed as sacred. The plant also had various uses across the world from medicinal to culinary. In this blog we will explore the symbolic meaning of the water lily plant. We will get in depth … Read more

Wallflower plant discover its meaning

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The popular Wallflower plant is rich in symbolism. This is also reinforced by its folklore and uses. It is originally from the southern part of Europe and gives off a very pleasant fragrance. In this blog we will explore the Wallflower plant symbolism, the origins of its name and the folklore and uses of the … Read more

Willow Tree Meaning : The Ultimate Guide

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The Willow is a very ancient tree and it features in many various different cultures. The meaning of the Willow Tree is perhaps more reputable from the Celtic culture. The scientific name of the Willow tree is Salix which comes from the Latin word salire and it translates to “to leap” or “bestowed.” Let’s explore … Read more

Gardenia flower meaning using history and uses

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The Gardenia flower meaning is linked to its history uses and how alchemists classify this flower. The Gardenia flower is originally from China and Japan. However, it is also available across Asia. The Gardenia flower also called Cape Jasmine is a flower that relates to the moon. In this blog we’ll explore the meaning of … Read more

Jasmine Flower Meaning

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The jasmine flower meaning relates to the moon and is a perfect flower for the cancer zodiac sign. The jasmine flower was first introduced into Europe through Spain. They bought it from the East Indies in 1560. Most of the species of the jasmine flower are native to the tropics and subtropics. In this blog … Read more

Lunaria Annua Meaning and Symbolism

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Lunaria Annua has different names the Annual Honesty flower, Money plant or Silver Dollar Plant. It is one of the flowers for those born under the zodiac sign of the Cancer. In this blog we will explore why this flower makes an ideal pick for Cancerians. We’ll look in the various myths of this delicate … Read more

The Daisy flower meaning

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The meaning of the daisy flower is found in a lot of various cultures. The name daisy derives from old Anglo-Saxon words “daeges” and “eage”, this translates to “day’s eye” or “eye of the day.” The flower falls under the dominion of the planet Venus and the zodiac sign of the Cancer. It will make … Read more