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Birth flowers by month can help you discover yourselves through the lenses of nature. However, what makes a flower or plant appropriate for a Zodiac?

In this category, you will discover various birth flowers by month. And how they are linked to different zodiacs and sometimes they are linked to several zodiacs.

We use alchemy to determine which flower comes under what planet. We explore how to distinguish those flowers by yourself and what exactly makes a flower more appropriate as a gift or as a personal discovery.

Alchemy itself is based on the old associations with planets, therefore, we will use only the five planets and the two luminaries ie the sun and the moon.

Additionally, we use mythology to add more depth to the flowers and their linked to zodiacs. Since mythology focuses on archetypes it makes sense that all the flowers would also relate to mythological story or gods/goddesses.

Different mythological beings through their metaphors or personification can also give us more depth on the meaning of flowers and also be in synchronicity with alchemy.

And finally we use history itself to discover flowers. In ancient times flowers were linked to various beliefs and uses. From those beliefs and uses meaning have been attached to those flowers and how they could be used.

History of flowers also continue from mythology into our current history and this has been recorded by various sources. So it very helpful to understand further the relationship of birth flowers by month and their meaning and associations.

At Flora Ritualis we believe that a combination of alchemy, mythology and history can help you to get better clarity on why certain flowers are associated with certain zodiacs.

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