Begonia Flower History and Uses

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The Begonia flower history is a fascinating one. From its legend and uses in ancient China during the Song Dynasty to the its cultivation and name during the colonial era. In this blog lets explore the symbolic meaning of the begonia plant, its history, legends and uses. What does begonia symbolise? The Begonia flower symbolises … Read more

Scilla Flower Meaning (Squill)

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The Scilla Flower meaning comes to us through its mythology and uses. It is also sometimes called Sea Onion or Squill. It forms part of the Asparagaceae family and sub family of Scilloideae. The flowers are native to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In this blog we will explore what the Scilla flower symbolises. … Read more

Rose flower meaning the ultimate guide

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The Rose flower meaning comes from its rich mythology, folklore and historical uses. In fact roses are the most common and ancient flower across the world. The Rose flower comes from the genus Rosa which is of the Rosaceae family. Rosa in Latin means full of leaves. In this blog lets explore the Rose flower … Read more

Azalea flower meaning

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The Azalea flower meaning derives from its symbolic meaning and rich folklore. Azalea comes from the Greek word Azaleos which translates to dry. This was due to it growing in dry soil. The Azalea belongs to the Rhododendron genus and also known as Anthodendron which is a subgenera of the Ericaceae family. In this blog … Read more

Edelweiss Flower Meaning

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The meaning of the edelweiss flower links back to its history, folklore and uses. The Edelweiss flower’s scientific name is Leontopodium nivale or Leontopodium Alpinum and it is part of the Sunflower family. It is also commonly called Queen of the Alpine Flowers and Ice Flower. The word Edel means noble while weiss means white. … Read more