Dogwood Flower Meaning

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The Dogwood flower meaning comes from its myths and folklore. It comes from the family of Cornaceae and it is also called Cornus. Cornus comes from latin Cornus which translates to “horn.” The dogwood has predominantly white flower while only some varieties have pink or red blossoms. In this blog we will explore the meaning … Read more

Clematis flower meaning

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The Clematis flower meaning might come from the east where it originates from. The Clematis genus has around 1000 species but the interest in the plant is quite modern. There have been no known written references to the Clematis flower before mid 16th century. Around the 18th century there were more varieties of Clematis introduced … Read more

Aconite flower meaning (Wolfsbane)

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The Aconite flower meaning comes from its uses and the folklore attached to it. The plant is also commonly known as Monkshood, Wolfsbane or Helmet flower. The plant usually comes up through the snow and they start flowering in early spring. In this blog lets explore the symbolic meaning of the aconite flower. We will … Read more